Baffle Corkscrews: by pinta acoustic, inc.

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Bag Size:
12 Corkscrews per Bag
This shows an example of one of the corkscrew hangers applied to a Sonex One baffle. Installers can insert them by simply twisting them around and down into the foam, after which the baffles or clouds using them can be hung from the ceiling.
Our Baffle Corkscrews are designed to screw into SONEX acoustic foam baffles for use in cable-mounted installations. Each bag contains 12 Baffle Corkscrews.

Use 1.5" Baffle Corkscrews for horizontal panel installations.
Use 2.9" Baffle Corkscrews for vertical panel installations.

Please note that each box of SONEX baffles will include enough Baffle Corkscrews for installation.

For more information about Baffle Corkscrews, installations, or coverage, please call 800.801.9378.