SONEX Rondo Baffles: by pinta acoustic, inc.

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SONEX Rondo Baffles: by pinta acoustic, inc.

SONEX Rondo Baffles by pinta acoustic, inc. offer design versatility and exceptional acoustical properties. Easy to install horizontally or vertically, SONEX Rondo Baffles are ideal for a broad range of interior spaces, including conference rooms, reception areas, libraries, production facilities and stadiums.

Our baffle are made from Class A fire rated WILLTEC foam. With several unique shapes available these baffles can add architectural flare to nearly any interior space.

SONEX Rondo Baffles also come in all HPC colors as custom orders.

Each box includes 24 corkscrew hangers.

Color Length Diameter Baffles/Box Price/Box
Natural White 24" 6" 16 $551
Natural Grey 24" 6" 16 $428